Soundcraft MH 3 Mixing Console

A large portable Mixing Console in a Flight Case

A Mixing Console is an electronic device for combining, altering and routing separate audio inputs into relevant outputs.

A Mixing console can also be referred to as a mixing desk, audio mixer, mixer or sound board. They are used in a wide range of applications, such as Live Sound Reproduction, Recording Studios, Public Address systems, Film Recording, broadcasting and Post-Production.

Mixers are operated by a Sound Operator, sound technician, sound mixer production audio engineer, audio engineer, sound board operator or A1.

Consoles usually consist of inputs (usually Jack, XLR and/or RCA phono), controls for each channel (gain, balance, basic Equalisation), faders for the level of each channel, and output channels. Many mixers also have features such as grouped outputs, Matrix Routing, visual meters, clip indicators, Effects Units, Phantom Power provision (48 volts, required by some microphones), PC interface


Simplified diagram of Mixing Console
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